Friday, January 30, 2009

49 and Ready!

Well January has to go on the record for the FASTEST MOVING MONTH! Yesterday it was New Year’s Day and today is end of January. I guess it’s true, the older you get, the faster it goes. On many levels.

My training these days has taken on a new dimension. I’m still joggling along on the treadmill, been toooo darned cold, windy, snowy, rainy, icy, nighty, (one or all of the above) to run outside, but have also thrown in some additional body work. At this age, I really need a lot of body work, but hey. And now that I am 49, I have to do 49 pushups every morning. For some reason, 49 pushups is a LOT more pushups than 48. Of course, most of them are girly pushups. To prepare myself for 50 (right around the corner), I have started throwing in 10 manly type pushups a day. Once 10 feels comfortable and does not make me groan, will increase each week until I am doing my whole set up pushups manly style. Hey, a girl can dream.

I am also doing ‘workouts’ on the Wii. Really, they are just video games standing up, but I’m gonna call them workouts. I hate standing on the thing, however, because after it tells me to ‘STEP ON’, it says “OW” when I do. Tell you what, irks me every time. Want to slap her. It. Whatever. That Wii doesn’t like me much, and I’m the kinda gal that really wants to be liked. So I am working hard to master her games so she likes me and stops saying “OW” when I step on. I’ll keep you posted. She also reminds me every day that I am (and I quote here) “overweight”. Uh, like, hello. I’m 49. I have lots of history packed on this body. Baggage adds weight.

We are Bowling for the Cure soon, so spent the last week with the lost art of Tie Dye. I am a master of the pink tie dye now, and hoping to expand my Tie Dye Empire to the masses. Okay, the masses are only, like 20, but it’s a start. With the Bowl for the Cure, I am working to raise a little dough for the Cure to keep the money coming in throughout the year. The major fundraising is done with the Race for the Cure in October, but if we want to find a cure, we need to focus on this all year long. I hope that within my life time, I will see this disease wiped out so my friends and family and THEIR friends and family don’t feel the fear of hearing those words “you have breast cancer”. Met a new friend recently that is a breast cancer survivor (they are EVERYWHERE). He is active in the Race as well, and he got me energized all over again. I am looking forward to linking back to my Komen Race Page so we can all be in this together. Keep the faith. Keep the wiggle on.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Run Chubby Girl Run!

It's time for Run Chubby Girl Run to go public. I look forward to sharing my adventures and escapades with my friends, both new and old. Once I figure out how to copy my original blog over from the Race for the Cure site, will include that as well.

I started off this year with a midnight run on New Year's Eve with my friend, who is always an inspiration to me. I hope to be an inspiration as well to Chubby Girls everywhere. Even Chubby Girls can run. Okay, it's not really a run, it's what I call a Joggle. But you get the idea. The important thing is to JUST GET A WIGGLE ON! That's us crossing the finish line. I'm the purple cow, she's the farmer. What a team. She's still speaking to me even after listening to my cowbell CLANG CLANG the entire way!

I am so excited about putting 2008 behind us and i just know that 2009 is just full of opportunities and events not yet known. I can hardly sit in my chair just thinking about it. I'm planning on joggling in the Shamrock Run, maybe participating in my first dualthon (i can't swim, so no tri for me yet). I'll probably be one of the oldest people doing it, but I am slowly warming up to the idea that I am not a kid anymore. It's been a real shocker for me. In our New Year's Eve run, we were classified as "masters". Once I got over the disbelief, then I was cool with it. Fewer people competing with us! Hot dog! If we can make it to 70, just might OWN the division. That's what I'm thinking.

Anywho, here's to getting the wiggle on in 2009.