Friday, July 23, 2010

The Seven Dwarves of Stress

What does stress do to a person? It sucks the life out of you. It makes even fun things seem like chores. It takes the joy out of your every day. I sure thought this year was going to feel different, that I was going to run like the wind, sing like a bird, laugh like a kid after a soda and some cotton candy and some cap'n crunch. But stress swooped in and talked me into losing sight of what life is really all about.

Well dammit, that’s enough. I’ve had it up to HERE with the Seven Dwarves of Stress: Mopey, Cranky, Edgy, Forgetful, Achy, Gloomy and Fat. Be gone with you stinking nasty Seven Dwarves of Stress. I don’t like you, have never liked you. GET OFF MY RIDE!

There, that’s better. Now I know they will creep back in, they are truly the sneakiest of bastards, but I’m going to give them a real fight. I began the chase earlier this week when Achy took over my neck and back and shoulders and knocked me flat. Boy howdy, that flat makes me mad. Who died and made Achy the king of my life? Be gone with you Achy! With the help of the Magic Dr. Simon and a little new awareness of how STRESS can rule your life, I do believe that Achy is soon to be history. Grrrrrr. Achy better be afraid.

Started (yes, started, give me a break) my running life again this month, before Achy came to visit. And you know what I have rediscovered? The best way to out run the Seven Dwarves of Stress is to run. Okay, walk and go faster and joggle in all the jiggly places (damn that Fat Dwarf), but just get that wiggle on. When I’m breaking a sweat, I seem to be breaking up with the SDoS. So I am coming back to my life; making the time for me and my real friends, the Seven Sisters: Silly, Funny, Hopeful, Noisy, Lively, Lovey and Totally Bitchin’. Oh how I love Totally Bitchin’.

Those are my dogs. Max and Kate. They are going to help me banish Fat and embrace Totally Bitchin'.